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Consulting Services (Supported Areas)


 Major category Support Service Items  Support Service Contents (Example)


Specialized Consulting, Market Research, Startup Support, Trade Agency

Trade Delegation. Investment and Market Entry Support. Overseas Market Research. Branch Office Operations Agency.  Business Trip Support


Market Research/



  • Basic Market Research
  • Research/General Consulting
  • Feasibility and Market Viability Study
  • Sales and Marketing (Consumer Goods)
– Demand and Demand Trend Research, Export Potential Assessment, Competitor and Local Price Investigation, Distribution Structure, Relevant Certification Research

-Market Information Research, Export and Distribution-related General Consulting Support

-Partner, Buyer, Raw Material Supply Chain Exploration, Overseas Market Research, Consumer Research,

Competitor Product Trend Analysis, Buyer Database Target Marketing, Management Mentoring, Market Entry or Export Strategy Formulation for the Vietnamese Market, Overseas Expansion and Marketing Strategy Consulting, etc., Research/General Consulting Services

-Support for Overseas Local Market Viability Testing

– ☞ Measurement of Local Consumer Response through Promotional Events, Consumer Reaction Tests, Consumer Surveys, etc.

– ☞ Selling in Stores (Consumer Goods): Confirming Local Market Response through the Sample Sale of Products Intended for Export

  • In-depth Market Research
  • Professional Consulting


-Comprehensive Support for Establishing Market Entry Strategies for Investment and Expansion in Vietnam

– Vietnam Market Analysis, Corporate Operations Advisory

– Specialized In-Depth Market Research Report (Research Report of 100 Pages or More)


Interpretation. Translation
  • Translation
– Translation of Materials Necessary for Export and Distribution Activities  ☞  Product (Company) Introduction, Promotional Materials, Brochures, Catalogs, Content, Website, etc
  • Interpretation
– Business Consultation Interpretation (Online, Offline Meetings)

– General Interpretation / Specialized Interpretation / Simultaneous Interpretation (Vietnamese / English)


Distribution Channel Entry Agency
  • Distribution Channel Entry Agency
-Online/Offline Distribution Channel Entry Agency and Consulting Support

☞ Online: Major Internet Shopping Malls, Open Markets, Social Commerce, etc

☞ Offline: Major Department Stores, Supermarkets, Discount Stores, Convenience Stores, etc


Import Certification/


  • Import Certification/Registration
  • International Standard Certification
-Product Certification, Registration, and Permit Services for Import to Vietnam

– Handling of contracts and assistance in preparing required documents for customs/cargo clearance.

– Testing, assessment, and certification agency and consulting for obtaining international standards certification


Establishment and Licensing of Local Corporation
  •  Support for Local Corporation Establishment
  • Assistance in Licensing Acquisition
  • Document Handling
-Registration, Modification, and Liquidation Services for Local Corporations, Branches, Representative Offices, etc

– Consulting and Handling of Administrative Permits (Licensing, Permits, Notarization, Residence Permits, etc.) Acquisition Procedures.





  • Promotion/Advertising
  • Production of Promotional Materials
  • Brand Promotion
-Promotion and Advertising Support for Overseas Marketing of Companies/Products/Brands

-Production support for promotional materials (catalogs, SNS accounts, websites) needed for export activities

-Providing local promotional information and consulting, introducing specialized agencies, supporting promotional activities.


Buyer Meeting
  • Potential Buyer Research
  • Buyer Consultation
– Identifying potential buyers and providing a list, contacting buyers through provided promotional materials, and obtaining buyer feedback

-Arranging online/offline meetings or handling consultations with buyers expressing purchase intent

-Providing on-site support for consultations when necessary


Consultation Meetings/

Exhibition Support

  • Consultation Meeting Support
  • Exhibition Support
  • Business (Product) Briefing Session
  • Overseas Business Support
-Planning and support for export-related events such as exhibitions, consultations, seminars, etc., and export support through overseas business support

-Local Buyer Matching Consultations / Seminars / Product Demonstration Events / Meetings with Invited Overseas Buyers / Product Briefings / Pre and Post Support for Overseas Exhibitions / Overseas Market Industry Briefings / Promotional Events, and Overseas Business Support

Exhibition Support (Information Provision, Reservation, Participation Fee, Rental of Equipment, Booth Design and Banners, Arrangement of Buyer Consultations, etc


Targeted Market Entry by Product Category
  • Targeted Market Entry by Product Category.
– Support for Sales and Market Development by bundling similar products from multiple small and medium-sized enterprises through online and offline channels


Export Contract Support
  • Export Contract Support
– Market and Industry Trend Research, support for overall matters required until the export contract stage, including buyer discovery.

– Providing information on companies needing logistics services, introducing logistics specialized companies, etc.


Investment Support
  • Local Investment Support
– Investment Feasibility Assessment for Local Investment and Expansion, Identifying Local Partners, M&A Support, Support for Establishing Joint Venture Corporations (JVC), etc.


Sending samples
  • Sending samples
-Support for Sample Shipment of Key Export Products (Submission of Export Declaration Certificates

-Logistics Customs Clearance Consultation


Technology Exchange
  • Technology Export (Partnership)
  • Technology Transfer
– Technology exchange, technology export and partnership (technology transfer, cooperation, licensing, etc.) Partner arrangement and local support


O2O Support
  • O2O Support Services
-“Export support utilizing an O2O approach linked with buyers held by the execution agency

– ☞ O2O (Online to Offline):  After matching buyers through video consultation, physical products such as samples are displayed through a showcase so that they can be checked, and samples are delivered to buyers when necessary.


 Sales rep

(Branch Office Operations Agency)

  • Overseas Branch Agency
  • Business Office Agency
– On behalf of the company, a local professional performs the role of a branch or liaison office and conducts research, marketing, and sales activities.


Expert Lectures
  • Expert Lectures
  • Seminars / Mentoring
– Special lectures, seminars, and mentoring by Vietnamese experts for an accurate understanding of the Vietnamese market

☞ Special lectures and seminars by experts on topics suitable for the class (online, offline lectures)

☞ 1:1 mentoring support with Vietnamese experts suited to the needs of the company


  • VISA Issuance Support
– Acquisition of various visas, work permits, and issuance of residence cards.


 Business Trip Support
  • Business Trip Support
– Necessary business support during business trips. * Reservation, interpretation, meeting, rental car, etc.


Other Services
  • Management of Existing Clients
– Support for business contact and business F/U with buyers who require continuous management
  • Networking Exchange
– Providing information through networking (making friends) between participating companies and executors, supporting networking and communication with buyers and necessary local personnel